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Features of a luxury rehab for treating addicted executives

A luxury rehab is a facility where top-individuals in organizations and society receive treatment for addiction through high-end specialized programs that are suited to their needs and desires.

It is essential to mention that a luxury rehab offers a home-away-from-home experience that will help addicted executives to get back on their feet in no time.

Some of the facilities at a luxury rehab might not be found at a regular rehab, and this is why they are often more expensive than the latter because of the quality of clients they attract.

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Here are some of the features that luxury rehabs come with:

Low patient-to-staff ratio

One of the common features of a luxury rehab is the low patient ratio. Luxury rehabs have this feature in place so that more staff members can focus on one client. This allows for maximum attention and a more profound individualized treatment for clients dealing with addiction.


When it comes to luxury rehab, privacy is one of the most sought after feature. Many executives may not be comfortable with people knowing that they are struggling with addiction.

Therefore, getting treated at a rehab which is not readily accessible to the public could be one of the best ways to save their face, and recover from addiction silently.

While executives are at a luxury rehab, they will experience less distractions and anxiety which allows them focus fully on recovery.

An opportunity to network

Addicted executives are more likely to meet one another at a luxury rehab than a regular rehab. Hence, it is always a chance for them to network, exchange contacts and build quality relationships.

Top-notch and certified staff

You’re likely to find the best and finest breed of staff at a luxury rehab. Most of them are qualified professionals who have excellent qualifications and track records. They are also experienced in giving solid counsel to their clients based on their wealth of experience.

Signs that an executive is struggling with addiction

When it comes to addiction, even executives are not excluded from the possibility of getting addicted.

Many executives have fast-paced jobs where they are always pressured to give their best. This is one of the reasons why many of them have high stress-levels which they eventually deal with using unhealthy coping methods.  

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For instance, some executives may resort to drinking alcohol or taking drugs so that they can cope with stress or pain.

Here are some of the possible signs that an executive might be dealing with addiction

Drop in the quality of work and performance

You can tell if an executive is addicted when the quality of their work and performance drops below par. For example, the quality of their deliverables might not be up to their regular standard, and it might make people question if they did it themselves.

Executives who are struggling with addiction might not dedicate ample time to work because they are mostly focused on their addiction.

Less attention to grooming and personal hygiene

Another way to know that an executive is addicted is when they don’t practice their personal hygiene and grooming as before.

They may not be conscious about keeping the parts of their external body healthy and clean, and it might be noticeable to other people in the workplace. Some of them might develop an offensive body odor because of the lack of personal hygiene.

Showing up to work late

Addicted executives may find it hard to arrive early at work. Some of them may end up getting to work late because they probably slept late, and they had to catch some sleep for a few extra hours.

Hence, they might come late in the morning or end up not showing up at work for the day.

Addicted executives need all the help that they can get to become sober again. Therefore, seeking treatment at a luxury rehab is one of the best ways for executives to combat addiction and return to their normal and healthy lives.