luxury or traditional rehabA number of rehabilitation centers are located within a luxury or moderately sized custom home. The difference between these two types of custom home rehabs is pronounced. Both tend to represent programs of high quality and repute, but they are undoubtedly different style treatment programs. A rehabilitation center that is located within a moderately sized home typically caters to the average middle class individual. This type of program tends to attract people who have some money set aside, but cannot afford or have no need for the frills of a luxury rehab. A rehab center located within a luxury custom home is the highest end type of rehab. Typically, the clientele consists of people for whom money is not an object, who want to receive the highest quality rehab within the comforts of the finer lifestyle they are accustomed to.

A moderately sized custom home rehab is one of good quality, but clients should not come expecting to be served with a silver spoon. A rehab that is middle of the road in its accomodations is suited to members of the working class. These programs are good for providing clients with quality individual counseling, group therapy sessions, readings and workbook exercises and basic therapeutic activities. The home itself will be of average quality; clean, pleasantly furnished and consisting of basic amenities. The quality of this kind of program is respectable without being extravegant.

A luxury custom home rehab, on the other hand, pulls all the stops for its clients. This type of program not only provides its clients with the best in addiction recovery treatment, it also provides its clients with a finer lifestyle, at higher financial cost. Luxury rehabs are typically located in a mansion style home that comes equipped with amenities such as a business center, private bedrooms and washrooms, hot tubs, saunas, gyms, home theatres and game rooms. Counseling is private and highly sought after. This option is the best for people who have a significant amount of money set aside.