In rehabilitation, there are different types of settings, one of which is the custom home setting. We also have inpatient rehab care setting, outpatient rehab care setting, school-based rehab care setting, etc.

Essentially, the type of rehab setting used is dependent on the specific needs or condition of the recovering patient, in some cases, inpatient care may be recommended and vice versa.

Looking at custom home setting, which involves the rehabilitation taking place in the home of the patient.

That is, the therapist travels to the patient’s home to offer rehabilitation care services, while also adjusting the home environment to aid the recovery of such patient. But with so many other available, why should one choose a custom home setting rehabilitation?

These are some reasons why a custom home setting is great for rehabilitation.

  • Recovery In Your Home

A custom home setting allows a patient to feel at home while recovering, that is, the patient is left to recover in a familiar setting, which helps with quick recovery. This is because, the patient doesn’t have to adjust to a new setting while recovering, but simply continues with what he/she is accustomed to with few tweaks.

  • Light Adjustment

A custom home setting doesn’t force a patient to fully adjust to a new setting, but only to adjust to a slight change in scenery. That is, your therapist helps to adjust some minor things in your home that will aid your recovery, such as lighting, furniture arrangement, advising on diet, etc. All these while still in your home.

  • More Affordable

A custom home setting is usually more affordable than inpatient rehab care, which requires a patient to pay for full admission into a rehab facility. Whereas, with a custom home setting, you only have to pay for the services rendered by your therapist. It is also a great option for senior patients.

A custom home setting is, therefore, a great option for rehabilitation as it is more affordable than inpatient rehab care and offers the comfort of your home.